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Samsung Cloud Print

   Samsung-Cloud-Print    Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd présente Samsung Cloud Print au CeBIT 2014 de Hanovre, en Allemagne.
Dotée d'une sécurité avancée compatible avec KNOX, la plate-forme Samsung Cloud Print est une solution d'impression mobile en mode cloud complète et facile à utiliser pour les professionnels en situation de mobilité, en particulier dans les petites et moyennes entreprises (PME). (texte du communiqué en anglais)

“With a full hardware line-up and strong product quality, we’ve achieved remarkable performance in the European business-to-business sector,” said Dr. KiHo Kim, Executive Vice President and Head of the Printing Solutions Business at Samsung Electronics. “In 2014, we will strengthen our value proposition to our business customers by focusing on solutions that help small and medium-sized businesses. As part of this strategy, we will launch the new Samsung Cloud Print that underlines our competitiveness in mobile printing.”
‘Samsung Cloud Print™’ with advanced KNOX security and easy phone number based user registration Samsung showcased its vision for the “Document of Tomorrow” at its CeBIT media event for Printing Solutions – demonstrating how the company’s mid-to-long-term vision is propelled by its history of innovation. The new Samsung Cloud Print is comprised of the Samsung Cloud Print app and a new range of NFC enabled printers that are not just easier to use, but also feature enhanced security.
Samsung offers its customers enhanced security with Samsung Cloud Print: The app is compatible with KNOX – the mobile security system developed by Samsung; and for mobile print users who do not have KNOX devices, their contents are secured through data encryption. Besides, thanks to using NFC functions, the users can control which printer does the print job, and at which time.
With the Samsung Cloud Print app, it is easy to use and share the cloud print. Users can automatically register others for sharing a document to print, simply by using the phone numbers saved on their smartphones. Thanks to NFC, it is possible to connect their smartphone to as many as 20 printers with just a few simple taps.
The Samsung Cloud Print app will be available for free download on the Android operating system via ‘Google Play’ and ‘Samsung Apps’ in June 2014. The iOS-version of the Samsung Cloud Print app will be launched in the second half of 2014. The app is compatible with the new NFC-enabled Samsung Xpress C1860 series color laser printers/MFPs and Samsung Xpress M2885 series mono laser printer/MFPs, which will launch in April 2014.
The Samsung Cloud Print will be available in Korea, the United States and European countries in 2014, before it will be rolled out to other countries.

Samsung Printing Solutions Announces ‘2014: The Year of SMB Solutions’ at CeBIT
Samsung is a proven leader in mobile printing, through its innovation especially in the field of small, easy-touse printers. Samsung launched its first ‘Samsung Mobile Print’ app in 2010, which enabled users to print, scan and fax documents, images, and even social media feeds on the go with their smartphones. In 2013, Samsung built on its competitive advantage by launching the world’s first NFC-enabled laser printers.
This year, Samsung’s Printing Solutions Business will focus on SMB solutions, reflecting the potential of this important market segment. SMB customers account for 61% of the entire business printing sector. While the need for SMB printing solutions has steadily increased, budget limitations and lack of resources have kept many small companies from deploying their own enterprise-level printing management solutions.
The new Samsung Cloud Print targets this gap in the market. The explosive growth of cloud services is one of the year’s hottest trends, going hand-in-hand with the expansion of smart devices and the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend. With its new Samsung Cloud Print, Samsung aims to take advantage of its current mobile printing-driven momentum.
Samsung’s Road Map: Market Leadership by 2016 with New Cloud Platform-Based Business Models Next year, the Samsung Printing Solutions Business plans to offer new mobile solutions called Display Copy that will make it possible to share documents across a broad range of Samsung devices -- from Samsung smartphones and tablets to TVs by Samsung Cloud Print App. By enabling users to share documents and images across all smart devices, Samsung will offer a seamless business experience.
By 2016, Samsung plans to bring yet more innovation to its mobile-cloud solutions for business customers. A new Samsung Cloud Platform will allow customers to obtain printing solutions and a wide variety of business services from one source. Resellers, solution providers and system integrators will also benefit, because they will be able to easily deliver and provide their business solutions through the Samsung Cloud Platform, thereby taking advantage of a unified go-to-market approach and sell more services to their customers.
“The printer will become more than just a piece of hardware that prints documents. It will become an essential solution for companies,” said Dr. Kim. “And we’ll grow together with our customers and channel partners through Samsung Cloud Print and our mid-to-long term business strategies.” 

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